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Three lockdowns on, and with seven months of worship entirely on-line in the last 12 months, we are now emerging into a new chapter of life, not only as a church, but as a community and nation.

Whilst all mandatory restrictions on social gatherings have been lifted, we want to ensure that easing happens in a way which allows everyone to feel as safe as possible in our church. We have had to learn much patience over recent months, and need to exercise that now!

We are confident we can move from 2m social distancing to 1m+, and so have increased the maximum capacity of the building to approx. 80. This means it is no longer necessary to pre-book places at 10.15am Sunday worship. Whilst we expect people to wear masks on arrival and whilst moving around the building, it is permitted for those who wish to to remove masks once seated. Over the coming weeks, further easing will be guided by the local COVID infection rates. We hope it will soon be possible to sing again, but would anticipate that masks would be necessary to ensure worshippers feel safe to participate.

Christenings, weddings and funerals are all happening, though following our current COVID guidance on building capacity. If you’d like to discuss a christening or wedding, do get in touch – having opportunity to celebrate family life is so important, and has been long awaited.

We are emerging from this last year with new perspectives and priorities. And St. Mary’s would not serve our community well if we acted as if nothing had changed. We know we need to listen to the shared stories of the impact of the last year, and seek to work to support the community effectively. Only then will we understand how best to be church in Sprotbrough.  

The last year might have hit you hard. You may be looking for healing after what has been a time of great uncertainty. Jesus told a story about a man who built on rock and one who built on sand. The storms of life hit both in the same way, but the outcome was very different. (Matthew 7:24-27). It feels like a truth for our time – the storms of Coronavirus have hit, and hit all of us with a widespread impact. Each of us has felt the buffeting in differing ways, as our freedoms and routines were curtailed. Our way of life has changed. How did we cope? Do we know ourselves better? How has this changed you? And, as we look to the future, how can we ensure we have a solid foundation to build this next chapter of our lives? It doesn’t depend on financial security or practical solutions, but on the bedrock of our lives. You might want to explore the claims of Jesus and how to build life on the foundation of his words more fully.

 Christian faith assures us that God is in control. The whole scope of the Bible from beginning to end shows how, in the greatest national tragedies and seeming disasters, something of lasting worth and greater purpose could be forged. I am sure that we have learnt new things as a society from this- greater neighbourliness may be one such thing. By God’s grace we may be better, and kinder and have our senses attuned to the good around us. Or not. We get to choose.

If you need any help, do get in touch. Whether someone to speak to, or some help for you or a family member, we want to offer it. If you would like someone to pray for you (or even with you over the phone), it will be my privilege to do that. God bless you! Stay safe and know you are never alone.

Revd. Canon Amanda Barraclough

Rector – St Mary’s, Sprotbrough

Dean of Women’s Ministry

Phone: 01302 854836

Day off: Friday/Saturday

God of all times and ages,
May your unfailing strength support us,
Your unfailing love surround us,
Your unfailing goodness overcome all that is evil.
Give patience, ingenuity and courage
to all who are seeking to develop the means
to keep us safe from the virus.
Help us to support those whose lives
and livelihoods have been damaged by it.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Artists impression

Diocesan Prayer

 Living God, Jesus calls his followers to seek  f irst your Kingdom.

 Renew us as we make your love known;

 Release us to share freely together in  mission;

 and Rejuvenate us to be fruitful in your  service.

 Give us courage, wisdom and compassion,

 that strengthened with the grace of the Holy  Spirit,

 we may, as the Diocese of Sheffield,

 both flourish and grow through Christ our Lord.


From the Rector

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We seek to support with sensitivity and care those grieving the loss of a loved one. In saying goodbye, we celebrate their life in its uniqueness, trusting in a God of new beginnings.


Though these happen in many venues, a church marriage is different . This is not a venue, it is a place of worship in which a couple can seek God’s blessing on their new life together. The vows are traditional and timeless, but the service will be as unique as the couple!

Christenings (Baptism)


Congratulations!!  The birth of a baby is a momentous and wonderful event.  It's no surprise that those who experience it often feel the need to mark the arrival of a new life in the church.

Sunday t-Time is a time when families, especially those with young children, can meet together for worship in an informal way.

Journey into Faith/Confirmation

A special service where those baptised in childhood can take ownership of the promises made for them then. Confirmation is an opportunity to make a public declaration of faith. For those who have not been  christened, this can happen at the same time.

Church Hall

Based at the heart of the community, available for hire, the hall is ideal for clubs/organisations as well as private functions,concerts, birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding reception, small exhibitions,  and concerts.

All facilities Ofsted Approved


We have a close and valued link with St Mary's Church. Our annual Harvest Service sees St Mary's filled with children, staff, parents/carers and relatives and a huge number of harvest gifts, very generously donated by families.

 How can you give?

 By BACS: Santander – St. Mary’s PCC Sprotbrough.  Please advise the Rector or Treasurer if you choose this method.


 By cheque: Payable to St. Mary’s PCC Sprotbrough and delivered to the Treasurer,
Mr R Ekins
3 Old Hall Close
01302 853469 or Contact if you require him to collect.

 By credit/debit card. The church has a card reader and our Treasurer will be happy to meet any donor for such a donation.

 By increased cash gifts in your regular giving envelopes.

 If you are a tax payer, remember that the government will give us  25p for every £1 you give. Please advise the Treasurer if you are  a tax payer and can Gift Aid your donation.

 God bless you



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 The Parish of Sprotbrough is committed to high  standards in the safeguarding of children, young  people and vulnerable adults.  Our safeguarding  officer is Janet Scott who can be contacted by email  here,  and our safeguarding policy can be viewed by  following this link-Safeguarding policy